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White man with short brown hair shaking hands with another man and smiling.
Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler annouces he will not seek a fourth term with four people already ready to fill his seat.
White women at a podium crying
The bill which is backed by conservative groups will move to the House for further review.
empty classroom with tan desks and blue chairs
The new bill, SB 449, would allow parents to see all classroom materials being taught to their child in K-12 schools.
A view of the main steps at the Georgia Capitol
The fight over the Georgia redistricting maps intensifies as bills are being passed to gain leverage.
White man with white hair on side of head, wearing black jacket and light blue shirt.
Georgia university regents name former Gov. Sonny Perdue as the sole finalist to become system chancellor.
side photo of white man with grey hair and glasses, raising hand as he speaks
The Georgia House passed a bill that would boost pay for state employees and teachers, and sets up $1.6 billion in state income tax rebates.
white man in black gown with short white hair.
Head Justice David Nahmias will resign from his position on the Georgia Supreme Court to spend more time with his family.
Group of men and women sitting at a table, woman smiling in the front with men talking with eachother
A bill making its way through Georgia's state Senate would require recently convicted people to serve at least five years in prison if caught committing another crime with a gun.
white man holding microphone in red shirt with blue and white star background
Gov. Brian Kemp is outraising his Republican challenger, former Sen. David Perdue, who had less than $1 million in hand.
A group of Georgia Legislatures at the state capitol speaking at the steps.
Georgia Democrats try to counteract state Republican map drawing in majority Democratic counties.
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