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Georgia aquarium building against cloudy, early evening sky
The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta says some of its otters tested positive for the coronavirus after they showed mild respiratory symptoms.
paramedics preparing hypodermic to administering a shot
On a trip to visit family just outside of Las Vegas, Waldron noticed that her newborn son, Jarom, had become nauseous and uninterested in eating. He threw up once, and then again, and by the third time, Waldron knew that she had reason to worry. Over the next few hours, Jarom would vomit a total of 13 times.
Emory University stone sign with school shield and founding date 1836
Five Atlanta-area private colleges will require students to have received COVID-19 vaccinations before class begins next fall.
woman with brown hair wering black top and young toddler with blonde hair and glasses wearing red shirt sit at white kitchen counter
Georgia will become the latest state to ban discrimination against individuals with physical and mental disabilities in the organ transplant process.
Blue-goved hands giving hypodermic shot in upper arm to blonde person wearing a beige top and blue face mask
More than 6.8 million doses of the J&J vaccine have been given in the U.S., the vast majority with no or mild side effects.
PODCAST COVID-19 vaccines: Clear bottles of the pale pink liquid vaccine labeled and ined up on a shelf in a semi-dark room
Gov. Brian Kemp made the announcement Tuesday, saying supplies of the vaccine continue to rise and that he's confident that enough older adults have been vaccinated to open up inoculation to the broadest possible population.
Jarom Bill: Little boy in burgandy football jersey #15 holding glass vial with yellow cap of Solu-Cortef
A new bill, inspired by a family desperate to have it passed, has passed out of the Georgia House and is awaiting a final Senate vote. HB 346 would allow paramedics to administer a lifesaving shot to patients.
Poster with yellow background with pile of yellow, green, white and amber pills and black text "opioid epidemic"
A Georgia lawmaker is advancing legislation to combat the dramatic rise in opioid-related overdose deaths detected since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
Energy: Closeup of person's hands connecting high-voltage plug in plant sanding in front of multiple battery bank
In our seventh weekly podcast episode of Gold Dome Debrief we cover Georgia's legislative debate over election bills in the state House and Senate, the future of energy in the state, and the progress of a bill that would allow home-schooled students to engage in extracurricular activities in public schools. #gapol
surgical smoke: operating room with doctors around operating table
The Georgia Legislature is considering a bill that would mandate the use of technology in operating rooms that removes the presence of a by-product known as surgical smoke.
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