Signal for Help: Side-by-side picture ofGrey haired man in grey suit sitting at wood deck with raised right hand raised. In left side shwing th open palm psotion and right side showing closed fist position of the Signal for Help.
Rep. Mike Cheokas demonstrates the Signal for Help gesture to the Georgia House of Representatives in Atlanta on Nov. 12, 2021. (Screenshots from the meeting)

Rep. Mike Cheokas shared some potentially life-saving information during a short speech Friday before the Georgia House of Representatives during its special session.

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The Republican from Americus said he had learned about the Signal for Help from a news story about a kidnapped teenager who was rescued after she used it. 

“Rarely do we get to share things from the well that can actually save a life,” said Cheokas. 

The signal was created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation to help alert others, especially while on camera, that they’re in a dangerous situation. It was designed to help women in domestic violence situations, but Cheokas added how this can help the initiative started by Gov. Brian Kemp to combat sex-trafficking in Georgia. 

To display the signal, one simply holds their hand up with their palm facing out, tucks their thumb in and then folds their fingers over the thumb.

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