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Wednesday, May 31, 2023


empty classroom with tan desks and blue chairs
The new bill, SB 449, would allow parents to see all classroom materials being taught to their child in K-12 schools.
White man with white hair on side of head, wearing black jacket and light blue shirt.
Georgia university regents name former Gov. Sonny Perdue as the sole finalist to become system chancellor.
White woman with tan jacket and brown glasses, speaking into microphone
Veterans entering the law enforcement field could receive free tuition to make the transition from military service easier.
Black teacher in front of chalkboard with mask on teaching young students
Republicans in Georgia are fighting to ban critical race theory from being taught in Georgia schools despite wishes from educators.
Two white women holding signs in front of the Georgia Capital in protest
Armed with their signs and a speaker United Campus Workers of Georgia came to call legislators to action and to rally for change.
white man with navy jacket and light blue shirt, speaking into small microphone at podium.
School vouchers are advancing in the Georgia House for children who attend public school, as current programs only cover private schools.
white man with dark black hair, speaking into brown podium with grey blazer, blue pants and tie.
Republicans in the Georgia House are pushing forward with proposal that would allow parents to challenge school books and materials.
books and pencils on a wooden table in front of a green chalkboard with white writing in chalk
Senate study committee is recommending raising the dropout age from 16 to 17 and improving support services to keep kids in school.
Georgia Senate chambers with ornate antique furniture and traditional architecture
Republicans pushed a proposal to overhaul the county commission in Georgia's second most-populous county through a state Senate committee on Thursday.
Gwinnett County highlighted in green located on a yellow map of Georgia.
Republicans are moving to ram through bills changing the composition of the county commission and school board in Georgia's second-largest county after Democrats took control of both bodies.