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Picture of the Georgia Capital
On this episode, the Fresh Take Georgia team discusses Crossover Day and gives an overview of which bills did or did not make the cut.
Luke Manget, an assistant professor of history at Dalton State College, conducted 10 years of research on the little-known history of the Appalachian ginseng trade and the intricacies of the shared economy.
Georgia Senators failed to pass a bill that would use public education funds to create private school voucher scholarships for Georgia students.
KSU alumnus Raymond Goslow on his “Jeopardy!”: Blonde, white man speaking at podium with KSU BANNER
Raymond Goslow won second place in the “Jeopardy! National College Championship” as a senior at Kennesaw State and now works for the Cobb public library system.
suicide prevention school counseling: Jacob Dreiling headshot - middle-aged balding man with brown beard in black t-shirt stands in front of wall covered with recycled wood pallets
Mental health counselor Jacob Dreiling says he has noticed more students having suicidal thoughts. Georgia state Rep. Mesha Mainor said she wants to mandate suicide screenings at the beginning of each academic year for all public school students ages 8 through 18.
white man walking and waving with American flags blowing in the background
Sonny Perdue will lead the University System of Georgia, starting April 1, after being nominated as sole finalist for chancellor two weeks ago.
Multiple colored masks hanging up on along a coat hanger.
Georgia senators passed SB 514, which would allow parents to opt their child out of school mask mandates through June of 2027.
White woman teacher sanitizes her students hand while wearing a mask
A panel of educators, journalists and lawyers discuss the state of Georgia's public schools over the last two years.
empty classroom with tan desks and blue chairs
The new bill, SB 449, would allow parents to see all classroom materials being taught to their child in K-12 schools.
White man with white hair on side of head, wearing black jacket and light blue shirt.
Georgia university regents name former Gov. Sonny Perdue as the sole finalist to become system chancellor.