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Wide shot of racks of colorful clothing in a secondhand store. Two men are sorting through the racks of clothes.
With the demand for sustainability on the rise, consumers are increasingly shopping secondhand at vintage resale shops. Purchasing pre-owned clothes reduces the amount of textile waste in landfills and is much more affordable than buying new pieces.
A gray dog stands on its hind legs with its front paws on a black half-door. The dog is staring at the camera with its ears raised. There is a blue dog bed and yellow wall in the background.
LifeLine Animal Project, Georgia's largest animal welfare organization, is facing a major obstacle in its newest shelter in Fulton County. The facility is so overcrowded that soon, pets may need to be euthanized to keep the shelter operational.
A woman sits at a table surrounded by oil pastels. She wears a hat and green sweater and is drawing large, swirling black lines with an oil pastel on paper.
The High Museum of Art offers free admission to guests in its new Access for All Program. Every third Wednesday of the month, guests can immerse themselves in Atlanta's art and culture for no cost.
Black woman sitting at table next to food donations with signs on wall behind her
Cobb County's freeze on evictions has lifted leaving residents struggling to find housing in a pandemic. Now, many residents are facing removal from their homes and want change.
According to an analysis by the Georgia Budget and Policy institute, a result of the monthly tax credit increase has lifted nearly 700,000 Georgia kids near or above the poverty line as of July 15.
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