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man standing near food truck window with grill and food ingredients around
Operating a food truck in Georgia comes at a high price, owners say, because every county issues its own permit for a fee.
A view of an underground train station with people walking around.
Starting March 1, riders in three south Atlanta areas can request a shuttle via the free MARTA Reach app to bring them to or from an existing bus or rail station.
inside of an oyster being held by hands in black gloves
A longtime favorite delicacy of seafood fanatics could lead to more jobs in Georgia and stimulate the local economy, experts say.
Arieal view of Northside Hospital with the sun setting and reflecting off the building
Just days before contract cutoff with Northside Hospital, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has named longtime Anthem official as new president of its Georgia Operation.
Downtown street with buildings, cars and light poles with holiday decorations
2021 was the year of construction in Gainesville’s historic downtown. Locals said they are excited about the new residences, shops and restaurants coming to the area.
white man in grey suit with a white button down and red tie in front of a wooden podium with a dell laptop open on top
Experts at a joint committee meeting voiced concerns over the impact of making new cities in Georgia and the effects statewide.
In the midst of a statewide labor shortage, immigrant and refugee advocacy organizations are fighting to provide economic opportunities for foreign-born Georgia residents. These groups say global talent will help draw immigrant communities to the South.
BaldJoseph Blount headshot - White man sits at table with microphone and people behind him
Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on the May 7 cyberattack provided a rare window into the dilemma faced by the private sector amid a storm of ransomware attacks in which overseas hackers breach a company’s network and encrypt their data, demanding a ransom to release it back to them.
colorful waving flag of georgia state on a american dollar money background
Gov. Brian Kemp on Monday signed a 2022 Georgia state budget that restores some money to K-12 education, increases some mental health funding, and pays nursing home operators more.
Big business against voter laws: Several business people walkg away with green blurred filter.
Big business has ratcheted up its objections to proposals that would make it harder to vote, with several hundred companies and executives signing a new statement opposing "any discriminatory legislation."