A girl with long blonde hair wearing a navy blue sweater sorts through a rack of shirts at a thrift store. To her left, a mannequin torso displays a graphic tee. On top of the clothing rack are rows of sneakers and boots for sale.
Customers browse the aisles of clothing available at Uptown Cheapskate in Kennesaw, a thrift and consignment store. (Charyti Benjamin/Fresh Take Georgia)

Customers are often budget conscious when they shop for clothes. With higher inflation in the past few years, shopping at thrift stores is one way to save money on fashion. It is now trendy to shop at used apparel stores. The resale fashion industry continues to grow in sales as customers increasingly buy their clothes at thrift stores. 

A report from CouponFollow found people who purchase thrifted items save more than $1,700 per year (or about $150 a month) by buying their clothes secondhand.

Fresh Take Georgia’s Charyti Benjamin has the story in this video.

Video edited and produced by Charyti Benjamin.

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