Wide shot of racks of colorful clothing in a secondhand store. Two men are sorting through the racks of clothes.
Shoppers look through the colorful racks of clothing at Ecologie in Kennesaw, searching for unique vintage clothing pieces. (Charyti Benjamin/Fresh Take Georgia)

Consumers are taking advantage of resale in the fashion industry as a way to practice sustainability. By reselling clothes, merchandise is often able to retain its value after the initial retail sale. Ecologie, a resale and vintage store in Kennesaw, is a popular location for customers to shop for quality and unique clothing pieces at a reasonable price. 

The resale industry contributes to the growing demand for sustainability. Customers remain eco-conscious as they buy pre-owned clothing to reduce the amount of merchandise circulating in stores, as well as the amount of clothing that goes to waste.

Fresh Take Georgia’s Charyti Benjamin has the story in this video.

Video edited and produced by Charyti Benjamin.

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