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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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A draft proposal of Georgia's new congressional boundaries released by two top Senate Republicans would make one Democratic metro Atlanta swing seat safer while drawing the other into more GOP-friendly exurbs.
white lady with short blond hair in black scrubs on with a nurses badge at a podium with a mic with a brown background
Georgia health care workers seek stricter penalties for those who assault them on the job, along with other protective measures as violence against them arises.
white lady in blue shirt with mask with blald black man with beard standing behind her without mask in a long line waiting to vote
Pushing back qualifying and spring primary date is necessary to finish the intricate redistricting process changes required by law says the Georgia Association of Voter Registrations and Elections Officials.
Raw milk Georgia: Cows of all colors grazing on the grassland under the blue sky and white clouds
As family dairy farms in Georgia are struggling to make ends meet, some think that selling raw milk could be their way out.
mask mandate protest for COVID-19 on college campus; masked protestors in group of ~20 hold signs in front of table on rainy day
Groups across Georgia university campuses have organized to protest the lack of mask mandates and demand the university system to get serious about COVID-19.
Marijuana Oversite Committee: a bald head white man in a dark suit with glasses at a podium with mic and two bottle of water
While permits to grow and process medical cannabis have been awarded to six Georgia companies, there is no process to test and distribute THC products to patients within the state.
protests against Georgia regents' precautions: white man wearing mask and earbuds sits in a chair
Faculty at colleges and universities in Georgia are protesting the Board of Regents’ COVID-19 policy that says masks cannot be mandatory and classes should be in person.
Outdoor Learning Study Committee: Bald black man in face mask wearing blue suit sits at table in front of microphone with another black man in suit in the background.
Georgia educators discuss outdoor learning initiatives to improve student success.
feds mandate vaccine: Pres Biden - older, grey-haired man - speaking into microphone wearing dark suit, white shirt and navy striped tie
Due to a federal policy issued Sept.10, employers with more than 100 workers now must mandate immunizations or offer weekly testing.
Former President Donald Trump at Rally
Former President Donald Trump continues to show his interest in Georgia politics with his planned 'Save America' rally in Perry, Georgia.