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White women at a podium crying
The bill which is backed by conservative groups will move to the House for further review.
Large picture of seating from above balcony view
The Georgia General Assembly chambers both convened briefly to mark the 2022 legislative session’s first day. Many lawmakers expressed support for the University of Georgia football team in the national championship.
Atlanta Braves parade: four men on a black double decker bus wearing white jerseys with red writing that says Braves
The Atlanta Braves return home to celebrate their first World Series win in 26 years.
Georgia General Assembly: baseball on white chalkline sourounded by brown dirt with base in the background
Georgia legislators congratulated the Atlanta Braves win at the World Series during a redistricting special session.
Truist Park exterior with statue of Phil Niekro in foreground
In response to Georgia's new voting law, Major League Baseball announced Friday it would be moving this summer’s All-Star Game from Atlanta’s Truist Park.
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