UGA men's sports coaches make significantly more money when compared to their counterparts in women's sports. (Taylor Boysen/Fresh Take Georgia)

The University of Georgia’s top 15 highest paid coaches primarily represent men’s sports, with only one leading a women’s team. In the 2022 fiscal year, women’s sports coaches at UGA consistently received lower base pay compared to their male counterparts, as revealed by Open Georgia.

There is a noticeable salary disparity between coaches of men’s and women’s sports, despite their similar responsibilities and coaching roles. Notably, this inequity extends to teams like basketball and golf, where women’s head coaches, including the 2021 SEC Coach of the Year Joni Taylor, earned significantly less than their male counterparts. Even in similar sports such as baseball and softball, the gender pay gap stands out.

Coaching salaries vary depending on the sport and popularity of the athletic program. Typically, men’s sports generate more revenue and viewers than women’s sports do, and this could play a role in explaining the university’s wage gap.

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