On the left, a toddler-aged girl wearing a white top with light hair in an updo holds a set of rhythm sticks. On the right, an elderly woman with short white hair and a purple top sits in a chair with another pair of rhythm sticks. The two are smiling at each other.
Music-lovers young and old come together for Groovin' with Grandfriends, a community music therapy event hosted by Perfect Harmony Health. (Narda Sigala/Fresh Take Georgia)

At the Arbor Terrace nursing home in Alpharetta, residents and local children find joy in music therapy and form long-lasting friendships.

Groovin’ with Grandfriends is a community event facilitated by Perfect Harmony Health, a nonprofit in Georgia that aims to provide innovative healthcare and music therapy. It is a drop-in program where parents bring in their toddlers and stay with them for a chance to bridge the generational gap with seniors.

Fresh Take Georgia’s Narda Sigala has the story in this video.

Video produced by Charyti Benjamin and Narda Sigala.

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