A man shoots a pistol in a gun range. He is facing away from the camera and wearing a baseball hat, black t-shirt, and large headphones. He is aiming the pistol at a target. A large yellow sign reads
A Georgia gun owner visits his local gun range. Under S.B. 340, gun safety training classes are exempt from sales taxes to encourage safe gun ownership. (Claire Becknell/Fresh Take Georgia)

The Georgia Senate recently passed legislation with bipartisan support to waive the sales tax on the purchase of gun safes and other firearm safety mechanisms.

Senate Bill 340, sponsored by Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (R-Marietta), would exempt firearm safes and other firearm safety devices from sales tax. Lawmakers believe the bill will prevent injuries from gun-related accidents, specifically those involving children.

However, gun safety advocates are concerned that tax exemptions are not enough of an incentive for people to take necessary measures to ensure gun safety.

Fresh Take Georgia’s Taylor Boysen has the story in this video.

Video edited and produced by Claire Becknell.

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