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Sunday, June 13, 2021
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For more than a decade, Georgia Democrats struggled to lure highly qualified, big-name candidates to run for statewide office. With Republicans firmly in control of all constitutional positions and the state legislature, none wanted to take the risk.
Representatives of Georgia's nascent medical marijuana industry are expressing frustration with the state’s process for issuing licenses to grow and process cannabis into a therapeutic oil used by registered patients for conditions including seizures and intractable pain.
Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on the May 7 cyberattack provided a rare window into the dilemma faced by the private sector amid a storm of ransomware attacks in which overseas hackers breach a company’s network and encrypt their data, demanding a ransom to release it back to them.
As part of an ongoing effort by some Republicans and Trump supporters to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, you might have heard something about efforts to conduct a forensic audit on the ballots to prove fraud did — or did not — occur.
Cobb County special election for a new state representative for District 34 is the first to implement 44 provisions of Georgia’s controversial new election law.
Therapeutic foster care differs from traditional foster care in several ways. Children placed in a therapeutic care home have individualized care needs for various behavioral or mental issues that often arise from past trauma. Foster parents in a therapeutic program are highly trained to handle these challenges and provide around the clock care for the child. Children in this program also receive crucial treatment services, usually involving therapy.
Innovative teaching strategies could very well become a cornerstone of curriculum going forward, especially in regaining ground that has been lost. Dr. Stacy Delacruz said repairing the educational damage of this year will not be a quick fix.
As president pro tem, Butch Miller is the elected leader of the Senate Republican majority and is in some ways more powerful than current Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan.
A seventh lawsuit has been filed against Georgia's voting law, SB 202. GPB's Stephen Fowler reports.
Georgia’s sweeping new overhaul of election laws threatens the fundamental right to vote, freedom of speech and the separation of powers, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

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