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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Misinformation is killing Georgians. Many say they don’t know who to trust or why the science keeps changing. That’s why some people refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
The Atlanta Beltline has opened the first segment of the Southside Trail.
The Atlanta beltline is strengthening connections within some of the city’s most historic neighborhoods with the Westside and Southside Trail expansions.
The second annual National Faith & Blue Weekend is happening this weekend in cities across the state of Georgia and the nation.
Experts at a joint committee meeting voiced concerns over the impact of making new cities in Georgia and the effects statewide.
The House of Representatives is debating the best course of action to counter a recent crime wave targeting vehicles that began at the start of the pandemic.
Gov. Kemp assures Georgians still have access to monoclonal antibody treatment a recent change in the distribution model during a briefing at the Capitol on Thursday.
A draft proposal of Georgia's new congressional boundaries released by two top Senate Republicans would make one Democratic metro Atlanta swing seat safer while drawing the other into more GOP-friendly exurbs.
Georgia health care workers seek stricter penalties for those who assault them on the job, along with other protective measures as violence against them arises.
Pushing back qualifying and spring primary date is necessary to finish the intricate redistricting process changes required by law says the Georgia Association of Voter Registrations and Elections Officials.

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