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Fast fashion companies like Shein, Zara and H&M are shifting towards more sustainable production processes in response to growing global environmental awareness. This change is driven by media coverage, scientific research, advocacy, government policies and increased consumer demand for eco-friendly alternatives.
Atlanta's notorious Forest Cove apartments gained a reputation as one of the city's most dangerous dwellings. Former residents report pest infestations, frequent crime, unstable architecture and abysmal air quality. Millennia Companies, one of the largest landlords in the U.S. and owner of Forest Cove, runs hundreds of properties across the country, most of which are in equally horrible condition to Forest Cove. Former tenants of Millennia's apartments are fighting back against the corporation and demanding change.
Gabriel Sanchez is a Democratic candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives. Many voters may not realize the complexity behind running an electoral campaign. Sanchez and other experts describe the process of campaigning for state office.
Perfect Harmony Health, a Georgia-based nonprofit, provides innovative healthcare through music therapy. Groovin' with Grandfriends is a community event combining music therapy and intergenerational bonding.
Georgia lawmakers aim to decrease the number of injuries caused by firearm-related accidents with Senate Bill 340. The bill eliminates sales tax on the purchase of gun safes, firearm training classes and other gun safety mechanisms. Some firearm safety advocates do not think the tax exemptions are enough of an incentive for Georgians to practice safe gun storage.
The unemployment rate of recent college graduates is heightened, leaving millions of young Americans frustrated and unhappy. Job seekers report applying to hundreds of "entry-level" jobs, yet getting denied because they lack experience.
Henry's Louisiana Grill, a staple of downtown Acworth, will soon be under new management when chef Henry Chandler retires later this year. The award-winning restaurant is beloved by the community, and guests say its bittersweet to see him go.
Gov. Kemp signed legislature to prevent the ownership of farmland within 10 miles of any Georgia military bases by "nonresident aliens" and "foreign persons and entities." Although the bill is now law, some representatives and military personnel doubt its true intentions.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Atlanta Civic Circle rolled out 'Georgia Decides' this week. The online tool provides voters with information on federal, state and local candidates ahead of the 2024 elections.
12-year-old Eliora B. from Kennesaw recently returned from a magical adventure to the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World, courtesy of Bert's Big Adventure. Bert's Big Adventure is a nonprofit dedicated to providing all-expenses-paid Disney vacations to children with chronic illnesses and their families. Eliora, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, had an amazing experience at the theme park.

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