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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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The Republican majority in Georgia's congressional delegation is likely to grow after state lawmakers on Monday gave final passage to a redistricting plan that will give the GOP a strong advantage in nine of the state's 14 districts.
A redistricting plan likely to increase Republicans' advantage among Georgia's 14 congressional representatives moved to the cusp of final passage on Saturday, as a state House committee voted to approve it.
The Georgia state Senate approved a redistricting proposal on Friday that is likely to shift a congressional district from Democratic to Republican control, moving it closer to becoming law.
CEO Jeffery Parker said homelessness and cleanliness are issues MARTA is working to address.
With the broadband improvement through EMCs spreading across the state, Georgia residents are gaining faster internet access.
The Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner shares how he has been making a push towards more safety measures after the loss.
A proposal likely to make Georgia's congressional map more Republican has advanced toward a vote in the state's General Assembly.
Republicans are putting on hold plans to overhaul the county commission and school board in Georgia's second most-populous county after opponents said their plans were trampling local wishes and legislative rules.
Hundreds of Georgians have spoken out about proposed legislative maps that were tentatively approved by lawmakers.
Rep. Bee Nguyen said the Georgia Senate’s new map dilutes minority voices in the state and targets a specific Asian American senator.

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