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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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The Georgia House voted on Monday finalizing the redistricting process for both chambers of the General Assembly.
Lawmaker demonstrates the Signal for Help hand movements, a potentially life saving action if people know what it means..
Georgia’s General Assembly has changed over the last two decades and now boasts of the nation’s largest number of Black female state legislators. Many attribute the increase to the Georgia WIN List, a political action committee that trains and endorses Democratic female candidates.
Republicans pushed a proposal to overhaul the county commission in Georgia's second most-populous county through a state Senate committee on Thursday.
Representative Calvin Smyre honors friend and former colleague, Max Cleland.
Republican Speaker David Ralston defended his party against accusations of gerrymandering.
Republicans in both chambers of the General Assembly have now passed their preferred maps, sending them to the other chamber for approval.
“Someone in uniform has sacrificed something for all of us,” Gov. Brian Kemp said of veterans.
Republicans are moving to ram through bills changing the composition of the county commission and school board in Georgia's second-largest county after Democrats took control of both bodies.

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