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With the demand for sustainability on the rise, consumers are increasingly shopping secondhand at vintage resale shops. Purchasing pre-owned clothes reduces the amount of textile waste in landfills and is much more affordable than buying new pieces.
The Georgia Senate passed legislature that would sever ties between the state and the American Library Association, an organization that provides grants to public libraries and accredits library master's programs. Republican senators say the "Marxist, socialist" group does not reflect the values of Georgia.
Students from low-income public schools in Georgia may soon be eligible to receive $6,500 vouchers to attend private school. However, opponents of the program raise concerns over the impact it will have on already failing public schools.
Becci Holcomb, a world-class powerlifter, uses her platform to advocate for women in the male-dominated sport. After setting records in international competitions for years, Holcomb is now training collegiate powerlifters for their upcoming Nationals this Spring.
LifeLine Animal Project, Georgia's largest animal welfare organization, is facing a major obstacle in its newest shelter in Fulton County. The facility is so overcrowded that soon, pets may need to be euthanized to keep the shelter operational.
For Georgia’s Black farmers, systemic discrimination is among one of many factors contributing to notably high rates of mental health issues. Farming is not only a means to produce crops and revenue, but the surrounding community also serves to address farmers' mental health problems.
A GOP-sponsored bill could require Georgia counties to replace every Dominion voting machine before the presidential election in November. Elections directors and experts agree there is no time to implement this change.
The High Museum of Art offers free admission to guests in its new Access for All Program. Every third Wednesday of the month, guests can immerse themselves in Atlanta's art and culture for no cost.
The Reeves House Visual Arts Center in Woodstock is home to "Please Touch the Art," a tactile exhibit that provides visitors with a unique hands-on experience.
Despite Georgia's landfills only operating at half capacity, waste management remains a pressing issue for Cobb County due to continuous population growth and environmental concerns.

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