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The Georgia gasoline tax suspension has expired and Georgians will now be facing 31.2 cents more per gallon at the gas pump.
Across Georgia's film industry, workers suffer economic challenges, despite Hollywood actors settling on a tentative deal with studios.
Healthcare access, limited space and homelessness challenge maternity homes in Georgia, despite a law passed that expands zoning for homes.
Urban gardens and farms in Atlanta help fight against food insecurity through affordable produce and education.
Women's flag football, one of the country's fastest-growing sports, is leading to scholarship opportunities and college leagues.
Years after the COVID-19 pandemic, students continue to struggle with going back to in-person school and heightened levels of mental illness.
Across Georgia, teachers face unrealistic expectations and staffing shortages as they urge districts to give raises and greater recognition.
Marietta's Chalktoberfest drew 83 chalk artists from all over the U.S. and countries such as Mexico, Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Ukraine. Fifty craft vendors, 11 bands and 125 beer and wine vendors were also available for sampling brews.
The Okefenokee Swamp Park receives funding to preserve the stories of Black Americans who developed the park during the Great Depression.
The Georgia Council on Literacy presents updates on efforts to increase low childhood literacy rates by emulating states like Mississippi.

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