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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Georgia Senate Republicans passed map to continue their majority in the chamber, in spite of Democratic cries that the plan denies opportunities for minority voters.
Legislators favored proactive training programs throughout the state instead of harsher penalties for acts of violence against health care workers.
The executive director of the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission expressed concerns to lawmakers over the lack of regulations for delta-8 THC as access to minors remains unrestricted.
This week the Senate redistricting committee adopted its proposed map for the new Senate districts, setting it up for a possible vote next week in the full Senate.
The Atlanta Braves return home to celebrate their first World Series win in 26 years.
Leaders of law enforcement agencies and lawmakers discuss staffing shortages, backlogs.
Democrats and liberal-leaning groups on Thursday attacked a Republican plan to redraw districts for the Georgia state Senate as violating the federal Voting Rights Act by unnecessarily dividing minority populations.
Georgia legislators congratulated the Atlanta Braves win at the World Series during a redistricting special session.
After months of hearing from speakers across the state, four Georgia senators gave their plans to combat food insecurity.

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