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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Some parents are concerned about schools using social and emotional learning, which they have conflated with critical race theory.
Georgia lawmakers, including a microbiologist and an epidemiologist, give parents back-to-school advice amid Delta variant wave during a virtual town hall on Facebook.
Cobb County's freeze on evictions has lifted leaving residents struggling to find housing in a pandemic. Now, many residents are facing removal from their homes and want change.
Rep. Sharon Cooper, a Republican from Marietta, chairs the Georgia House Health & Human Services Committee. She hosted an all-day hearing Thursday to explore the Georgia CANDOR Act, a bill she introduced during the last week of the 2020 legislative session.
Six winning companies out of 69 applicants were issued the state’s first permits to grow and process marijuana into a low-THC therapeutic oil by the Georgia’s medical cannabis board on Saturday.
The Senate Rules Committee held a rare field hearing on the future of voting rights on July 20 in Atlanta.
Educators are caught in the middle of a highly politicized fight over critical race theory. The debate evolved in the wake of widespread protests last year that sought to call attention to police brutality and systemic racism.
College Park Mayor is excited to get back into the swing of normality with the city's first in-person meeting.
Georgia's House speaker proposes funding to increase salaries for prosecutors and public defenders and support the capacity of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
The Georgia House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee convened Monday morning to question multiple law enforcement agencies about the recent rise in crime seen in cities across the state.

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