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Still shot from camera footage of cars racing at high speed on the highway at night
After surging in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, illegal street racing persists in metro Atlanta. The Georgia General Assembly is pushing for new bipartisan bill to put an end to illegal street racing.
Two children sit at lemonade stand smiling
The 'Georgia Lemonade Act' would exempt children under the age of 18 from acquiring a license or permit to sell lemonade or other products.
multiple camping tents in a field of green grass with trees and blue sky in background
Legislation that would have authorized government-sanctioned camps for homeless people across Georgia was stripped of that language Thursday before it passed the state Senate on a 49-7 vote.
White woman in in straw hat wearing a bandage across her nose sits on a floral chair in front of white background.
An Athens homeless camp offers residents an opportunity to find permanent housing as state law makers propose government-sanctioned camps statewide.
Former President Jimmy Carter in suit inside church talking to microphone
Remembrances and well-wishes for former President Jimmy Carter quickly began to roll in after it was announced Carter had entered hospice care.
Two men sleeping on the ground outside of a newsstand on the street
Georgia bill enforcing bans on public camping by homeless people moves forward in state senate.
Four people sitting behind podium desk behind computers talking in a courtroom with an American flag in the background.
The AJC surveyed Georgians on their priorities as legislators discuss new laws on sports betting and run-off elections at the state Capitol this year.
Gov. Kemp speaking at a podium
Dominant themes in Georgia budget week hearings included pay boosts, refunds and more investment in Georgia schools.
White man sitting in a chair on stage speaking in a suit.
Gov. Brian Kemp attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday to speak on foreign and domestic policy.