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A row of multicolored books are lined up on a plain shelf. All have their spines facing the camera. On the right, the book "Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance" is turned so the cover faces the camera. The cover is red, the title is in black and white, and it features an illustration of a side profile of a Black woman yelling into a microphone that is on fire. There are 11 authors whose names are scattered across the cover.
The Georgia Senate passed legislature that would sever ties between the state and the American Library Association, an organization that provides grants to public libraries and accredits library master's programs. Republican senators say the "Marxist, socialist" group does not reflect the values of Georgia.
A young Black girl wearing a school uniform and a purple backpack stands on the sidewalk in front of a stop sign. She is photographed from behind.
Students from low-income public schools in Georgia may soon be eligible to receive $6,500 vouchers to attend private school. However, opponents of the program raise concerns over the impact it will have on already failing public schools.
Wide shot interior warehouse with concrete floors and fluorescent lights on ceiling. There are tall rows of shelves containing dozens of large Dominion voting machines.
A GOP-sponsored bill could require Georgia counties to replace every Dominion voting machine before the presidential election in November. Elections directors and experts agree there is no time to implement this change.
People standing outside gas station filling up cars
The Georgia gasoline tax suspension has expired and Georgians will now be facing 31.2 cents more per gallon at the gas pump.
Children's book on a shelf surrounded by other books in a public library.
Cobb County educators are on edge after an elementary school teacher in the district was fired under the "Protect Students First Act."
Gun carry license form with black gun laying on top.
Nearly four dozen mayors from around the state of Georgia are urging Gov. Kemp and lawmakers to enact stricter gun laws to help curb gun violence in local communities.
Advocates say Georgia’s new law limiting medical care for transgender minors would disproportionately impact transgender people of color. Studies show that transgender people of color have higher rates of suicide, are more likely to be victimized and tend to experience greater housing instability than others in the LGBTQ community.
White woman with blonde hair sits in chair hugging young boy with brown hair outside in front of trees and brick building
Gov. Kemp recently signed into law a measure that requires local school boards to approve “high-quality instructional materials” to help boost literacy among students.
Metal shelf stocked with various food items against beige wall.
For the past two years, Georgia lawmakers have weighed bipartisan legislation aimed at wiping out hunger by aiding food pantries and helping grocery stores open in needy areas.
White teacher stands in front of chalkboard with students raising hands
Another pay raise for Georgia teachers may or may not alleviate teacher shortages across the state.
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