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Georgia representative chambers with ornate antique furniture and traditional architecture
Republicans are putting on hold plans to overhaul the county commission and school board in Georgia's second most-populous county after opponents said their plans were trampling local wishes and legislative rules.
Redistricting meeting: men and women sitting in a room filled with people in red shirts looking at aa panelof people at a table
Hundreds of Georgians have spoken out about proposed legislative maps that were tentatively approved by lawmakers.
Redistricting Debate: lady with long dark brown hair and black shirt standing behind a podium with a mic talking
Rep. Bee Nguyen said the Georgia Senate’s new map dilutes minority voices in the state and targets a specific Asian American senator.
Redistricting GA: Men and Women dressed in business casual sitting in a wooden chairs
The Georgia House voted on Monday finalizing the redistricting process for both chambers of the General Assembly.
Signal for Help: Side-by-side picture ofGrey haired man in grey suit sitting at wood deck with raised right hand raised. In left side shwing th open palm psotion and right side showing closed fist position of the Signal for Help.
Lawmaker demonstrates the Signal for Help hand movements, a potentially life saving action if people know what it means..
Black women politicians: Georgia state Capitol with a gold dome and surrounded by green trees
Georgia’s General Assembly has changed over the last two decades and now boasts of the nation’s largest number of Black female state legislators. Many attribute the increase to the Georgia WIN List, a political action committee that trains and endorses Democratic female candidates.
Georgia Senate chambers with ornate antique furniture and traditional architecture
Republicans pushed a proposal to overhaul the county commission in Georgia's second most-populous county through a state Senate committee on Thursday.
Rep. Calvin Smyre remembering Max cleland: A bald black man in Khaki suit next to a short haired white man in a navy suit with a pink tie behind a wooden podium with mic
Representative Calvin Smyre honors friend and former colleague, Max Cleland.
GA Senate redistricting debate: 4 white men in business attire with 1 white woman with glasses in a burgundy suit standing behind a wooden podium with a American flag and Senate general Assembly seal on the wall
Republican Speaker David Ralston defended his party against accusations of gerrymandering.