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Metal shelf stocked with various food items against beige wall.
For the past two years, Georgia lawmakers have weighed bipartisan legislation aimed at wiping out hunger by aiding food pantries and helping grocery stores open in needy areas.
White teacher stands in front of chalkboard with students raising hands
Another pay raise for Georgia teachers may or may not alleviate teacher shortages across the state.
Assortment of feminine hygiene products
Georgia lawmakers target feminine hygiene products that studies reveal to have ‘forever chemicals’
Many people standing around white man sitting at black table signing a paper
Gov. Brian Kemp has signed into law stiffer penalties for Georgia businesses failing to post the National Human Trafficking Hotline number. The new law, Kemp said, makes “Georgia a hostile place for traffickers but a safe haven for victims.”
White sign with black lettering being held by man in a crowd
Georgia’s only Jewish state lawmaker pledged to press on after a bill meant to protect Jewish Georgians from hate crimes failed.
African American man in balck robe speaks in from of white man in black suit
Efforts to install a monument of Georgia native Clarence Thomas at the Georgia Capitol have stalled for the second year in a row.
Still shot from camera footage of cars racing at high speed on the highway at night
After surging in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, illegal street racing persists in metro Atlanta. The Georgia General Assembly is pushing for new bipartisan bill to put an end to illegal street racing.
Two children sit at lemonade stand smiling
The 'Georgia Lemonade Act' would exempt children under the age of 18 from acquiring a license or permit to sell lemonade or other products.
multiple camping tents in a field of green grass with trees and blue sky in background
Legislation that would have authorized government-sanctioned camps for homeless people across Georgia was stripped of that language Thursday before it passed the state Senate on a 49-7 vote.
White woman in in straw hat wearing a bandage across her nose sits on a floral chair in front of white background.
An Athens homeless camp offers residents an opportunity to find permanent housing as state law makers propose government-sanctioned camps statewide.
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