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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Government & Politics

Black man in suit jacket stands in front of campaign bus at a podium with woman behind him
At a campaign rally in Gwinnett County Friday, the former United Nations ambassador appealed to Asian American voters to support Herschel Walker’s campaign for U.S. Senate.
Roll of Georgia voter peach stickers on a brown table with a blurred background
Are candidates for public office talking about issues that matter to you? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wants to make sure they do. That’s why we are surveying Georgia voters about what you care most about in this year’s election. We will compile the responses and use them to help guide our coverage going forward.
scene shot from above inside a jail cell with at least five female inmates
Thousands have been infected in Georgia's local lockups, dozens have been hospitalized and many have died with coronavirus infections. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Fresh Take Georgia have gone inside some of the state's jails to see how they were affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
a white family of five stands in wheat field in warm clothes during fall
At least 27 sheriff’s office employees across Georgia have died with COVID-19. Among them are an elected sheriff, senior officers, veteran jail employees, men and women. Some were U.S. military veterans. Many left behind families with children. Here are four of their stories.
Men in jail with white and black striped pants and their shirts off facing away from the camera
That lack of data about infections, hospitalizations and deaths in jails, experts say, could hamstring officials responsible for preventing the spread of diseases in America’s more than 3,000 local lockups.
crowds of people with protest signs outside large stone building with gold dome and statue on top; abortion protest roe vs. wade reproductive rights
A federal appeals court has ruled that Georgia’s restrictive abortion law should be allowed to take effect, an outcome that’s been expected since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.
U.S. Supreme Court building: Protesters gather outside the building with signs reading "no justice no peace" and "shame on the court"
The decision by the court's conservative majority is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states with clinics in at least two states already stopping abortions after Friday's decision.
Man in suit with short hair turned around facing camera
Georgia's Supreme Court overturned the murder and child cruelty convictions against Justin Ross Harris whose toddler died after he left him in a hot car for hours, saying the jury was improperly influenced.
white man in blue jacket and red tie speaks at microphones while giving thumbs up
The GOP results in Tuesday's primary, combined with the loss of the Trump-backed candidate for secretary of state, served as a stinging rebuke for the former president in a state he prioritized above almost all others.
Merit scholarship racial inequities: Black woman with long black hair wearing white top and pearl necklace looks to her left
The message seems simple: Anyone can get most, or even all, of their tuition paid through the state’s signature college scholarship program. Students just have to get the right grades and standardized test scores. Over three years one nonprofit group helped nearly 200 students apply. Many were the first in their families to attend college; most were Black. But they struggled with the standardized tests. So in the end, how many qualified for a Bright Futures scholarship — the ticket Florida created to educational opportunity? Not a single one.