A gray dog stands on its hind legs with its front paws on a black half-door. The dog is staring at the camera with its ears raised. There is a blue dog bed and yellow wall in the background.
Many of the dogs at Fulton County Animal Services experience severe stress due to the overcrowded conditions. (Claire Becknell/Fresh Take Georgia)

Within mere months of its grand opening, LifeLine Animal Project’s newest animal shelter in Fulton County reached capacity and is now severely overcrowded. LifeLine, Georgia’s largest animal welfare organization, was the first to achieve no-kill levels in its DeKalb and Fulton County animal shelters.

Staff at Fulton County Animal Services said dozens of pets need immediate placements, whether that be in the form of fostering or adoption. When shelter pets are forced to live in overrun spaces, they may experience high levels of stress known as “kennel stress.” Dogs who exhibit symptoms of kennel stress are typically some of the first to be euthanized.

In this video, Claire Becknell reports from LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services.

Video edited and produced by Taylor Boysen.

To find out how to adopt, foster or donate, visit LifeLine Animal Project’s website for more information.

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