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black man in suit with bald head tie in glasses in front of Grady Hospital
Candidates for federal office in Georgia have raked in more than $56 million in contributions since January.
lady with glasses and blonde hair
Misinformation is killing Georgians. Many say they don’t know who to trust or why the science keeps changing. That’s why some people refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
seven officers linked up arm to arm in mask in front of a church
The second annual National Faith & Blue Weekend is happening this weekend in cities across the state of Georgia and the nation.
white woman with short hair in orange jacket stands in front of podium addressing press, white man is behind her in a blue jacket and red tie
Gov. Kemp assures Georgians still have access to monoclonal antibody treatment a recent change in the distribution model during a briefing at the Capitol on Thursday.
A draft proposal of Georgia's new congressional boundaries released by two top Senate Republicans would make one Democratic metro Atlanta swing seat safer while drawing the other into more GOP-friendly exurbs.
white lady in blue shirt with mask with blald black man with beard standing behind her without mask in a long line waiting to vote
Pushing back qualifying and spring primary date is necessary to finish the intricate redistricting process changes required by law says the Georgia Association of Voter Registrations and Elections Officials.
protests against Georgia regents' precautions: white man wearing mask and earbuds sits in a chair
Faculty at colleges and universities in Georgia are protesting the Board of Regents’ COVID-19 policy that says masks cannot be mandatory and classes should be in person.
Former President Donald Trump at Rally
Former President Donald Trump continues to show his interest in Georgia politics with his planned 'Save America' rally in Perry, Georgia.
Gov. Kemp speaking at a podium
Governor Brian Kemp encouraged Georgians to get vaccinated after he signed an executive order to send out additional National Guard troops to assist in hospitals.
gov. Brian Kemp at podium
Georgia Republican candidates met up for the 8th District Annual Fish Fry over the weekend as they gear up for the Georgia primaries.