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Multiple colored masks hanging up on along a coat hanger.
Georgia senators passed SB 514, which would allow parents to opt their child out of school mask mandates through June of 2027.
White woman teacher sanitizes her students hand while wearing a mask
A panel of educators, journalists and lawyers discuss the state of Georgia's public schools over the last two years.
man with dark brown hair holding an emergency contraceptive box.
Experts say all emergency contraception and birth control should be offered to all women, if medical abortions are limited.
Two people holding hands in front of window
The Georgia Psychiatric Advance Directive Act has a plan to further help those struggling with mental health disorders.
White man with gray hair in a blue tie speaking in a meeting
Season 2 Episode 3 — Jan. 28, 2022 This week on the Gold Dome Debrief, we look into the session's focus on cityhood, including the Buckhead city movement. House Speaker David Ralston introduced the Mental Health...
White man with gray hair speaking with a group behind him
The 73rd Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives (R.) explained the features and importance of the House mental health bill.
white man smiling with navy blue jacket with light blue shirt with brown and tan colored tie
Republicans in Georgia have proposed new bill that would prohibit the delivery of abortion pills by mail, requiring a physical exam 24 hours before.
Arieal view of Northside Hospital with the sun setting and reflecting off the building
Just days before contract cutoff with Northside Hospital, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has named longtime Anthem official as new president of its Georgia Operation.
a green sign on an office desk that has Calltaker Cove in white writing on it
Establishing 988 as the “911” for suicide prevention and mental health crisis services will make it easier for Georgians in crisis to access the help they need and decrease the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health. It is expected to increase demand on the crisis system twofold.
a hand holding a prescription white and red drug box out of a police car
Organizations that help those in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol are asking state lawmakers for $2 million to help fund Narcan for first responders, especially in more rural parts of the state.
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