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Gov. Kemp speaking at a podium
Governor Brian Kemp encouraged Georgians to get vaccinated after he signed an executive order to send out additional National Guard troops to assist in hospitals.
Experts Delta Variant: Zoom screen with three women facing camera
Georgia lawmakers, including a microbiologist and an epidemiologist, give parents back-to-school advice amid Delta variant wave during a virtual town hall on Facebook.
Woman speaking to group of Georgis legislators in tiered red seats with green walls, flags and state seal.
Rep. Sharon Cooper, a Republican from Marietta, chairs the Georgia House Health & Human Services Committee. She hosted an all-day hearing Thursday to explore the Georgia CANDOR Act, a bill she introduced during the last week of the 2020 legislative session.
person in lab coat holding thc oil with hemp plants
Six winning companies out of 69 applicants were issued the state’s first permits to grow and process marijuana into a low-THC therapeutic oil by the Georgia’s medical cannabis board on Saturday.
Gloved hands holding small marujuana seedling with more marijuana plants in background
The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission took a step toward approving cannabis cultivation licenses on Wednesday evening, but stopped short of announcing winners.
Marijuana in a prescription bottle on a prescription tablet
Apprehensive patients on Georgia's Low THC Oil registry await announcement on production licenses for growers to begin growing cannabis.
United States treasury check on top of a hundred dollar bill, on top of a blue surgical mask
Georgia's behavioral health agency has record levels of funding as a result of the CARES Act aid supplied by the federal government.
Monday’s visit kicks off the launch of a national tour that’s part of the White House’s “month of action,” urging more Americans to get their shots. Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Atlanta Friday.
Representatives of Georgia's nascent medical marijuana industry are expressing frustration with the state’s process for issuing licenses to grow and process cannabis into a therapeutic oil used by registered patients for conditions including seizures and intractable pain.
Black teacher in front of chalkboard with mask on teaching young students
Innovative teaching strategies could very well become a cornerstone of curriculum going forward, especially in regaining ground that has been lost. Dr. Stacy Delacruz said repairing the educational damage of this year will not be a quick fix.
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