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Man in suit with short hair turned around facing camera
Georgia's Supreme Court overturned the murder and child cruelty convictions against Justin Ross Harris whose toddler died after he left him in a hot car for hours, saying the jury was improperly influenced.
Georgia, Okefenokee swamp: Lily pads covering wet lands with cloud reflections on water and blue sky
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working to block a controversial proposal to mine just outside the swamp after warnings from scientists of damage to the vast wildlife refuge.
Georgia, Kubota, Factory: red crane arm with wires in front of green leafy tree with clouds
A Japanese equipment maker plans to build a new $140 million factory in Gainesville, set to open in 2024.
white man in blue jacket and red tie speaks at microphones while giving thumbs up
The GOP results in Tuesday's primary, combined with the loss of the Trump-backed candidate for secretary of state, served as a stinging rebuke for the former president in a state he prioritized above almost all others.
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Republican challenger David Perdue launched their first debate arguing over who is to blame for the 2020 and 2021 elections.
When Stacey Abrams first ran for governor in 2018, her personal finances were questioned but Abrams now reaches millionaire status.
Georgia lawmakers agreed on Monday on a budget to boost spending in K-12 education, universities, mental health and public safety.
Gov. Brian Kemp signed a new mental health bill into law Monday that will help health care systems and improve Georgia's ranking for mental-health services.
White man and two black men talking to each other
Voters will decide in November's election if they want to legalize gambling in Georgia.
Georgia Senate chambers with ornate antique furniture and traditional architecture
A bill on fair health insurance and benefits for those facing mental health disorders moves closer to becoming law.
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