A view of an underground train station with people walking around.

MARTA is launching a six-month pilot program March 1 that will bring an on-demand ride-sharing service to three south Atlanta areas.

The program, MARTA Reach, aims to reduce waiting and walking times for public transit riders. Riders in West Atlanta, Belvedere and Gillem Logistics Center areas can use the MARTA Reach app to request a ride to or from a bus stop or rail station.

MARTA Reach is part of a larger project called NextGen Bus which aims to improve public transit. Georgia Tech is partnering with MARTA to monitor the pilot program’s impact. The three areas were chosen to test how this service will work in residential, mixed and industrial areas. 

A screenshot shows the three areas where MARTA’s pilot program, MARTA Reach, will run for six months starting March 1, 2022.(MARTA)

The MARTA Reach app, which is free to download, will guide users to shuttle drop-off and pick-up locations closest to them. 

The shuttles are wheelchair and stroller accessible and will run Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bicycles will not be allowed. A MARTA Reach ride will cost $2.50, the same as a bus or rail ride. Riders can use their existing Breeze cards or use the fareboxes that accept cash on the shuttles.

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