Tractor Right-of-Way Law: Green tractor wit trailler hauling hay bales on public road
(Peter Titmuss/Shutterstock)

Governor Brian Kemp signed a law on April 9 spelling out who has the right of way when there is a tractor on public roadways. 

Known as the Tractor Bill, the new law specifies the rules of the road for both farmers and other drivers who encounter them.

Rep. Steven Meeks, R-Screven, the bill’s sponsor, said it identifies farm equipment and “indicates as farm equipment is approaching oncoming traffic that the farm equipment is to move over to the right shore of the road to allow vehicles to pass.”

Sometimes, however, the oncoming traffic will have to pull off the road for the tractor.

“So, when there are situations where farm equipment whether it be a bridge, a guardrail, sign, trees, poles whatever it may be that that farm equipment can not get off the road, we say that the driver of the oncoming traffic shall yield to the farm equipment to allow the farm equipment to pass and proceed,” explained Meeks.

The governor also signed another law on the same day to make the pecan the official state nut.

The legislation adding the pecan to the list of official state symbols intends to improve economic development of that segment of the state’s agricultural markets.

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