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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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A controversial election law signed by Gov. Brian Kemp and the subsequent arrest of state Rep. Park Cannon for knocking on his office door has garnered national attention. In Georgia, a lawsuit has already been filed and activists have begun mobilizing.
Season 1 Episode 11 — March 26, 2021 This week on Gold Dome Debrief, we cover an election bill signed by the governor, the state budget being finalized by the General Assembly, a detailed look at the parental leave bill...
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp drew protests Thursday as he signed into law a sweeping Republican-sponsored overhaul of state elections that includes new restrictions on voting by mail and greater legislative control over how elections are run.
Gov. Brian Kemp made the announcement Tuesday, saying supplies of the vaccine continue to rise and that he's confident that enough older adults have been vaccinated to open up inoculation to the broadest possible population.
A new bill, inspired by a family desperate to have it passed, has passed out of the Georgia House and is awaiting a final Senate vote. HB 346 would allow paramedics to administer a lifesaving shot to patients.
Gov. Brian Kemp signed a modest state income tax cut into law Monday, saying Georgia's ability to cut taxes was proof that his approach to the coronavirus pandemic had resulted in a strong economy.
Hundreds of people gathered near the Georgia State Capitol Saturday to rally and march against anti-Asian violence in the wake of shootings that killed eight people at three Atlanta-area massage parlors and spas Tuesday.
Season 1 Episode 10 — March 19, 2021 This week on Gold Dome Debrief, we cover a bill on homeless camping, legislation that could change transportation in rural areas, and a push to restrict the Governor’s ability to close churches...
A $140 million state income tax cut is on its way to Gov. Brian Kemp's desk after passing the state Senate on Thursday.
Senate Bill 221 will land on Gov. Brian Kemp's desk after the legislation passed the Georgia state House 96-69 and passed the Senate unanimously.

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