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The message seems simple: Anyone can get most, or even all, of their tuition paid through the state’s signature college scholarship program. Students just have to get the right grades and standardized test scores. Over three years one nonprofit group helped nearly 200 students apply. Many were the first in their families to attend college; most were Black. But they struggled with the standardized tests. So in the end, how many qualified for a Bright Futures scholarship — the ticket Florida created to educational opportunity? Not a single one.
The Grandparents Visitation Rights Act allows grandparents whose child has died to see their grandchildren if they can prove the absence of the relationship causes harm to the child.
The laws creating four potential new Cobb cities would serve as charters if the cities are approved by referendum this year. They include laundry lists of services that the cities could provide immediately or sometime in the future.
A new educational program for elementary students, which has been tested since 2019, will allow children to learn about where our food comes from.
Georgia’s new budget allocates $1.5 million to a pilot program designed to help children who risk entering foster care.
The Georgia Raw Dairy Act allows farmers to sell raw milk for human consumption.
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Republican challenger David Perdue launched their first debate arguing over who is to blame for the 2020 and 2021 elections.
New legislation in Georgia requires investigations for the deaths of women who were pregnant or had given birth within a year of their death.
Cobb County elected officials and staff say they are working to ensure a smooth transition of services if voters approve four new cities.
Kennesaw State was represented for the second time this year on the popular game show “Jeopardy!”

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